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From our delicious wine to our many fun events, there's sure to be something here that puts a smile on your face.

All About Ugly Bunny

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We have a beautiful tasting room and patio overlooking our gorgeous vineyard. Here you can enjoy our wide range of wine, beer, and food! You can expect a welcoming and relaxing environment every time you visit the Ugly Bunny. As a local business, we understand the power and importance of community. So, we operate as an Ohio-Proud company, supporting our local community while providing an amazing experience and equally great wine.

There is live, local music every Friday & Saturday nights 6-9PM. You can check our Facebook or Instagram pages for more information, or under the “event” tab. We are a small– but mighty winery, located in the heart of the Mohican and Amish Country area. We welcome you anytime to try some of our exquisite wines and to enjoy the ambiance of the Ugly Bunny!

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Where Did the name Come From?

An Ugly Bunny History Lesson

Ugly Bunny Winery. You hear this name and think it’s unique, fun, and maybe even silly. We chose this name to exemplify the experience we wanted to provide to our customers. The name may be a little unusual, but the story is nothing but enjoyable. Our owner loves animals. It’s no secret. One day a family member had a small litter of bunnies, and no one wanted the runt. He had gnarly whiskers and scraggly fur and was not the prettiest of the bunch. 

He was henceforth known as “Ugly Bunny.” While he grew up to be a beautiful lion-head bunny, the name stuck. And when the time came to name the winery, a fun and unique name was the ticket to describing the experience while attracting those looking to have just that. Our fantastic staff helps to create this fun-loving, unforgettable adventure our patrons take with us. We can’t wait to meet you!

Mission & Vision Statements

What Ugly Bunny Means To Us

“To provide a unique customer experience by combining exceptional wine and excellent customer service.”

“To educate customers about the value of wine made in Ohio and utilize local resources to benefit our community.”

These two statements have guided us throughout our entire history. By having our goals directly lined out, we have been able to not only meet these goals, but surpass them. We love helping our community, and we cannot wait to meet you!